Of Dreams and Wishes

by Craigh

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Of Dreams and Wishes, finest alternative metal straight from our heart right into your head!


released April 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Craigh TG, Switzerland

Craigh is a swiss metal band which was founded in 2004 by all members who are still part of the band. Craigh gathered their on stage experience from countless gigs in Switzerland and Austria. The first studio album „of dreams and wishes“, recorded at Kohlekellerstudio (DE) will be published in 2015. ... more

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Track Name: Origin

as I stand up, even stunned by myself
just one way to go, nowhere to hide
looking for a way to get back my health
want do dispel these empty faces on my side

I felt so incomplete
I felt so out of place
felt never this bad before
‘til I’ve found my determination

oh it’s a long way to go
to find self-completion
but there’s one thing I surely know
in the end I will find salvation

now I can see what I truly should be
combined as one with no more fear
look into my eyes and tell me, what do you see?
these old, sore times left just one last tear

now I feel complete
now I feel appending
felt never so good before
cause I’ve found my determination

there’s nothing left for you
Track Name: Deathless Wings
Deathless Wings

we walk through the fire to burn all the rest
all what is left is that dream that we have
five hearts with one beat they share
no one can tell on which path we will go
the fire is burning inside of our eyes
wait for the wind that will take us away

with deathless wings we fly away, no matter what they say
with deathless wings we fly away, our hearts will go that way
together we will stay

tell us what’s wrong, tell us what’s right
we don’t give a shit, ‘cause it’s our dream we live
our dream we live, we won‘t give a shit
we've come a long way to reach this point
don’t tell us what we have to do this time
these hearts are still beating the way how they feel

with deathless wings we fly away, no matter what they say
our hearts will go that way, together we will stay
Track Name: Ronny B. Johnson
Ronny B. Johnson

just another fucking working day, there’s no sense in what I do
there's nothing – I hate this place
I’m insignificant, a spinning wheel of the machine
still working – just fucking let me free
I keep working through these standard forms, every day’s like yesterday
and yesterday’s tomorrow – you make me bleed

fuck you – you are the reason why I’m pissed
fuck you – you are the cause of my demise
fuck you – that’s why I’m leaving you right now
fuck you!

it feels I got to lick your fucking ass again
it's not right – and it smells like shit
I keep working through these standard forms, every day’s like yesterday
and yesterday’s tomorrow – you make me bleed

I can see it, I can see it, clearly in your eyes
I can see it, I can see, you’re the devil in disguise
you’re breaking me down, make me desire the shutdown
of this parasitic concern
you’re taking me down, you and your suit-clowns
I want to see you burn

burn motherfucker
Track Name: Again and Again
Again and Again

a storm, is growing up in me
now it is my turn
I have to face, all the things that I’ve done
it's a game, good against the evil
my demons playing with me
I resign myself to their might over me
but when it’s almost over
I’m taking over control
the tide has turned
all this made me stronger
everything that remains
again and again
everything that remains
pride comes, before a fall
almost under their control
it makes no sense to defend
I, I do not make the rules
I cannot decide of my ending
I’m ready, let the game begin
set me free
burst the chains
don’t regret
set me free
just set me free
Track Name: The Heart's Drive
The Heart's Drive

my heart is screaming, fighting with my soul
it feels like changing day and night
you can tear out my heart to end this inner fight
but I can still feel it beating even if there’s a hole

this passion is everywhere, so deep inside
every cell pulses to the same, damn beat
given from my devoted soul, with such a heat
come on over, on this side there’s no need to hide

break all my bones, spill all my blood
I don’t need these things ‘cause passion’s all I’ve got

teach me the pain, kick in my head
I’m already hollow and dead

associated with others, hearing the call
with the same feeling, to die for all they had
make your decision, I swear you’ll not regret
it’s a valid promise, all for one and one for all

you will get stronger, with every beat you’ll undergo
nothing can stop us, this pact it is for life
give us your heart, take your passion as a knife
listen to its beat and you will know
Track Name: Hate to Love You
Hate to Love You

you’ve locked me out, tore me apart, wished I’ve been dead
all these words, like razorblades, I’ve tried to dodge, could not evade
but let me tell you, I don’t need you, I never did, so leave me alone
another shot into my head, I hope you’re proud
just close your eyes and you will see
the time will heal all the pain from yesterday
no I’m not unforgiving, but I still hate to love you
another shot into my head, I wish I was dead
I’ve tried to move on, I’ve started to fade
I can’t live with you, so let me be, leave me the fuck alone
another shot into my head, I hope you’re proud
let’s start over, let’s just forget
let’s just pretend and we’ll never regret
let’s start over
let’s just forget
let’s just pretend
there will be no end
Track Name: Every End
Every End

the time has come what can I say, how can I find my way today?
my heart said stop but my head said go
tell me the answer if you know, if there’s no better way to go
lets break a heart and drown a soul
these words are hard to tell, I hope that you will understand
loosing a friend is not my plan
I hate the things the way they are, I hate the things I cannot change
with this end a new beginning made

all the things you did, all the things you’ve said
they will stay in my heart, heart’s will never forget
all the things you did, all the time that we spent

every end is a new beginning
every end

every end is a new chance to make things right
with every end we have to say goodbye

you cannot change the way things are, still trying to change them anyway
we won’t refuse the truth
our hearts will feel the same today, I hope this pain’s not here to stay
so many things are still to say
you know this light won’t die today, we are on separated paths
but united we will stay
Track Name: The Light Inside
The Light Inside

the time for us has come, clear up if this makes sense
all of the things we did, to see if they remain
first time we’ll fight and rise, choosing the way we’ll go
on almost endless roads, find our way into this life

light up the stage
unlock my cage
I’ll show you the fire that burns inside

light up the stage!

misgivings swallowed down, but even full of doubt
afraid to fail and break, no one can help us now
these feelings strange and new, felt good inside our bodies
ready and focused now, with the target in our eyes

light up your stage
unlock your cage
show me the fire that burns in you
Track Name: Going Commando
Going Commando

some call this temple of happiness, others call it cave of sin
fuck, I don’t care I call this home
where I’ve got the power, I make the rules, so dance for me - Ronny B
hail to the king your ruler Mr. Johnson

find myself sipping on this glass of joy
with blow on my nose and a thong on my head
to the moon and back, while ensnaring the sun
I’ll call this a-fucking awesome addictive crack

just paralyzed of what I see, so beautiful, with shiny eyes
the heat is growing up in me
my mind is playing games I cannot win, come on baby light my fire
start this barbecue with me

is this reality? I’m going commando
or just some weird dream? I’m going commando
oh yeah, keep heating up this place? I’m going commando
not so fast, slow it down I’m going commando
Track Name: Destroy to Create
Destroy to Create

all this started with a spark
ignited your dead heart
it brought light and killed the dark
to finally become what you’ve wanted
burn myself, abandoning my old habits
to see me rise like a phoenix from the ashes
leave behind what kept me bound and tied
to unleash these chains from my dreams
I climb all these walls
just one direction to go
can almost see the summit
you are too late to stop me now
like the phoenix from the ashes
burn myself
and see me rise like the phoenix from the ashes
Track Name: Shattered

will all the things be the same, can I do this alone?
memories are fading away, carried away by the wind
searching a light in the dark, I tried to break all my habits

memories are all that I have, drowning in a sea full of tears
cry out in despair and fear, hope that my savior will hear
my life is not the same, dark clouds obscuring my mind
come and please hold my hand, because I’m scared in the dark

I hear no sound, so cold, dispel the emptiness from me

memories are fading away, carried away like the leaves by the wind

a part of us gone, remembering all that we’ve had
is this not reason enough, is this the way how we care?
you just left us behind, you’ve ripped a hole in our life
no way for us out of here, we tried to stay strong

I’m not alone, no more, there is no emptiness inside
and in my mind, you’ll stay, until you’re coming back to me
and as the darkness turns into light I see you’re always in my heart

I’ve shattered dreams in my hands, they broke in two as you went
with shattered hopes in my mind, face all my demons alone

the darkness turns into light, I see you there in the fog
you turned this void into life, nothing can hurt me right now

and as the darkness turns into light
you’re always in my heart
Track Name: Desire Remains
Desire Remains

our goodbye is piercing my heart
like this ship cuts the waves in two
dust swallowing your outlines
as the roaring bursts in my ears

and it‘s eating me up from the inside

I’m leaving for an unknown world
doubtful about the things that might come
implausible hope is all that remains
as your sky is turning black

now we’re left alone, but not forgotten
seems there’s a hole inside my heart
now it’s the time to rise, to be united
my only way to find salvation

I want to see you, I want to see you again
if I could hold you in my arms, if we could go back to the start

this is our time to rise, to be united

I want to see you, I want to see you again
I want to feel you, I want to feel you again
if I could hold you in my arms, if we could go back to the start

I’ll never leave you, I’ll never leave you again